10 Reasons To Subscribe

Here they are, in no order, and tongue-in-cheek.

10. You will hear Bryan’s odd stories about plane trips gone terribly wrong.

(Bill here. I try to keep him on topic, but it’s a little tough when he just got back from CA on a red-eye. I’ll keep working on it).

9. You will get the latest effective strategies in dealing with prospects and clients who may not see the world entirely the way you do.

Hard to believe that your prospects don’t completely share your view of life. But if they did, it just wouldn’t be any fun would it?

8. You will get a friend to take with you on those two-a-day workouts at the gym.

(What, you haven’t done two-a-days since high school? Well, maybe it’s time you begin).

7. You will learn how real-life sales teams are learning and growing from the content that the Caskey team teaches. And how you can, too.

This is especially important for sales leaders/managers, or those aspiring to be one someday. The role that sales leaders should play is to grow their people. Any other notion like you’re the one that  “closes the big deals’ is old thinking.

6.  You will laugh a little at this sales game that we all play–and that we all take much too seriously at times.

We get questions from our listeners every day. And we’ll read some on the air. But we also get some that are entirely much too serious. And we’ll read those as well (minus names of course).

5. You will learn how the buyer’s mind works.

And what could be better for your sales success than knowing how their brain works so you can modify your behavior appropriately to help them.

4.  How to change your mind about your role in selling.

We say often that selling has more to do with you and the conversation going on inside your head–than it does with the prospect. We don’t think selling  should be about “convincing and persuading.” Instead, you should begin to think about what you do in a way that helps the prospect buy.

3. You will get access to our best (unfiltered) thinking.

Every sat down to write a report and nothing comes from your brain to the pen? Happens to us–everyday. But when the mics go on and we talk to you–as if you’re right there in our training room–paying us thousands to walk you through deals–that’s our best thinking.

It might even be better than a pre-designed curriculum plan for a workshop that we might do. It’s straight from the heart.

2. It gives you some relief.

From sales managers, presidents, clients, irate clients, spouses that don’t understand what you go through everyday, and your kids (who don’t care what you go through everyday).  It’s 10-15 minutes a week of learning to make you better.

1. Realize More of Your Potential

I know this sounds cheesy. But it’s why Bryan, Bill, Brooke, Terry and the entire Caskey team do what we do. Yes, we make very good livings from working with great sales teams all over the world. But our real love is growing people–helping them see that their techniques of the past don’t work anymore–and teaching them what will work.