6 Tips For A Successful Capabilities Presentation

Recently, Bryan sat in on a capabilities presentation. He couldn’t help but brainstorm ways to make this “dog and pony show” more interesting for the prospect.

In this week’s episode, Bill and Bryan share six tips on how to give an effective capabilities presentation.

Afterwords, Brooke Green answers a question from an Advanced Selling Podcast LinkedIn Group member: What is the best strategy to sell recruitment services (for IT companies) in social networks? What is your opinion?

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One Response to 6 Tips For A Successful Capabilities Presentation

  1. Troy

    Hi Guys
    Heard this podcast this morning, truly resonates! So many times when we as sales people go to a sales call – we fail to set the tone with the prospect and then we find that we’ve done so much chatter about what we do we miss what the client needs. I have seen so many times, and I have told many a time by various mentors that – Selling is not Telling!!
    Great work – Again guys!!