A Big Call Prep System

Many times, we see sales people under-prepare for big calls. Or, they prepare the wrong way, focusing on products and their advantages instead of what we believe they SHOULD be focused on. In this episode, Bill and Bryan break down the ‘high pressure’ sales call and give you a template to consider using as you plan your next big call. What’s the first step? You guessed right!

Now, listen in as B&B give you some free consulting.

You can download the Big Call Prep PDF under Toolbox.

You’ve just written an email to a prospect who’s not calling you back. 
You get ready to hit SEND…but as you read it again, you realize it just doesn’t quite capture your thoughts. Here’s our advice: STOP – Don’t SEND! Instead, read EMAIL IT!, 
The Seller’s Guide to Emails That Work. (http://emailitsellersguide.com/)

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