Building Your Business: An Interview with Bob Poorman

Bob Poorman - Sales Podcast - Expert InterviewBill and Bryan talk with Bob Poorman, a client of theirs with a philosophy on sales and business that has allowed his own companies to grow and expand their revenue. Due to his success, the two podcast hosts decided to sit down with him and hear how he does it. They took away eight key tips from Bob, which they believe are book-worthy.

You will learn about the importance of empathy in making sales, but also that building your business is more important than selling. Share your best business attribute by joining the discussion in our LinkedIn group.

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2 Responses to Building Your Business: An Interview with Bob Poorman

  1. Cathy Langham

    nice podcast with Pooman.

  2. Cathy Langham

    just listened to the podcast with Poorman, nice job!