Communicating Your Worth

The Advanced Selling Podcast with Bill Caskey and Bryan NealeIn this podcast, Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale share their advice given to students at DePauw University’s Sophomore Institute. Job seekers and the employed alike can benefit from this advice. To find success, you must have the ability to be yourself. To find your value, you must possess the grit to pursue your goals. Bill and Bryan found that in talking with students on the cusp of following their dreams and achieving their goals, they could learn a bit themselves. Take their reminder as encouragement to build yourself and your business stronger.

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One Response to Communicating Your Worth

  1. Samantha

    This podcast is really unique and I appreciate your hard work. There is a lot of sales advice out there but your podcast is very practical, fresh/new each week, and is very logical in that it doesn’t seem gimmicky. I work for a very small business and don’t have the funds to do a lot of sales training so having free access to something like this is extremely valuable. Thanks!