Distinguishing Yourself from Others

Well, aren’t we always wanting to find a way to differentiate our selves – and our products – from others who do similar things? And we’ve read books and books on how to do that. Maybe even sat thru seminars that address the issue. But we find most traditional solutions to that problem leave people cold. So in this podcast, Bill and Bryan begin a conversation on how to “think” about differentiation so that when it comes to “tactically distinguishing” yourself from others, you can do it more effectively.

Posted on by Bill Caskey in Advanced Selling Podcast

2 Responses to Distinguishing Yourself from Others

  1. Steven Seiller

    The real task is to leave a trail of actions which portray a track record of your intent which people use to distinguish you from others.

    Actions speak loader than words. You actions are, of course, guided by your thoughts.

  2. Bill Caskey

    Thanks for stopping by…yes…it’s the actions…not the words that matter. We spend way too much time on words and way too little on actions.