Email That Works

In this episode, Bill and Bryan review a program the company did recently on ‘tips for emails.’ Email has eclipsed conversations as the preferred mechanism of communicating. While we suggest that personal conversations are better, the fact is that you must be able to communicate well in writing today. They give some “do’s and don’ts” for sales communication in email format.

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3 Responses to Email That Works

  1. Marc Corsini

    Wow, great stuff. I’m a business coach in Alabama and recently got turned on to your podcast. They have all been “spot on” and I especially enjoyed the weeks.

    Keep on doing what you do better.


  2. Zach Brockman

    Love the podcast guys!!!

    Question? When is the new book “Email It” coming out?

    Podcast said 6/1/11. I’ve been checking and haven’t seen it. When is the new release date?


  3. Jill Vanarsdall

    Hi Zach!

    We released Email It a few weeks ago. For more information on the eBook and a way to download it, you can visit:

    Thanks for being an avid listener! Enjoy the eBook!
    -Bill and Bryan