Ever Wonder Where You Stand With A Prospect?

How many times have you been surprised by prospect behavior? You think you’re at Z and you come to find out you’re only at D.

Here is a technique that Bill and Bryan give you that helps you know where you are with a prospect.

The entire topic starts with a dating story (that’s actually quite funny.) But ends with practical sales advice for where you are in the sales process.

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One Response to Ever Wonder Where You Stand With A Prospect?

  1. Shawn Taylor

    Hey guys! I just started listening to your podcast a week ago, and appreciate your insight and off the cuff humor. This behind the scenes podcast was a nice way for me to hear you two verbally process through a problem or question that you were confronted with. I’m a operations director of a small business which means I’m wearing multiple hats, and at the moment developing a sales model and comp plan to expand the business. I’m comfortable with developing relationships and offering our services, but I’m in need of some direction with good sources to fulfill sales modeling and comp plans. Would you recommend some good reading material or additional podcast that I can visit daily? Also, as I was listening, the idea of setting a goal and achieving it with daily to do’s was a great reminder for me. I’ve been spinning lately and this was a statement that allowed me to ground my focuses. Thank you… I’ll be listening weekly. Cheers