Price Resistance And How To Ask A Referral Source For A Testimonial [Two Topics]

→ TOPIC #1:

It seems there is ALWAYS price resistance. Seldom do you give the prospect the price and they say, “Is that all it is?”

In business-to-business selling, there seems to always be a smidge of resistance. So what do you do? And more importantly, where does it come from? Bill and Bryan dig into this important topic for sales people and sales managers in the episode.

→ TOPIC #2:

Brooke joins Bill and Bryan at the end to answer a question from our LinkedIn group:

What is the best way to approach a referral source and ask for a testimonial of our service that we can use for online marketing? I’m new to this area and feel odd asking for a testimonial, but they must value our service, because they send clients!” -Nathan Bonilla-Warford

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