John Jantsch Gives Sales People A Lesson In Marketing

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John Jantsch - Guest Interview on the Advanced Selling PodcastAnnually, we have John Jantsch on as a guest of the podcast. We like having him because he always, always gives sales people a fresh look at business development.

This episode is no different as Bill interviews John on marketing tips for sales people. John also dives into some trends facing sales folks, and even slightly offends sales managers (all in good fun though).

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Are You The Marketer You Think You Are?

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In this episode, Bill and Bryan are both back from vacation and discuss an interview Bill did with John Jantsch. John has been doing marketing consulting for a long time and discusses how the sales and marketing games have changed in that time.

We’ve had John on the show before but he’s always a fountain of knowledge when it comes to thinking differently about business success. John is also author of the book The Referral Engine.

If you’d like to hear the entire interview with Bill and John, click here to listen.

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Are Your Referral Sources Working?

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Virtually every company we know of generates a large percentage of their business from referrals, yet VERY FEW sales professionals have a system to generate those referrals. To get help on this topic, we went to the world’s leading guru on referrals, John Jantsch. John recently wrote a book called The Referral Engine, Teaching Your Business to Market Itself.

Bryan is gone this week, but Bill interviews John and comes up with a handful of tips for every salesperson listening.

Learn more about John and find his book at:

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