What Listeners Want To Know About Prospecting

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We have watched the threads on the LinkedIn Advanced Selling Podcast group uptick toward an interest in prospecting and lead generation for sales people.

Consequently, this podcast gives you some ideas on prospecting and attitudes around that. Bryan Neale is gone this week but we have two listeners who call in for some thoughts on business development.

Ray Mullen and Chris Conrey join Bill this week.


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What is an Optimum Sales Process?

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A podcast listener asked us to take her through the best sales process–the one we suggest you use. There are tons of sales processes and methods in the world but, we like to keep things simple so we give you what we recommend to our clients.

Much of what you hear here can be found in Same Game New Rules (www.samegamenewrules.com). Yes, we know that the very word “process” can be tedious, it’s still important to have one. Because we all know what happens when you don’t have a good process. You default to the prospect’s process.

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Don’t Use Throwaway Lines

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Sales specialists Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale address an issue that happens to ALL sales professionals, whether they know it or not: are prospects telling you the truth?

In this sales podcast, Bill and Bryan address an actual client who struggled with the upfront agreement in the sales cycle. She felt like it was a little contrived and inauthentic. Bill gave her some counsel and now he shares it with the podcast community. This piece of advice serves to differentiate you from competitors you have in your business. No one else is positioning this way.

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