You’re Working Too Hard

Sales people work too hard. They do so in the name of ‘aggressiveness’. We’re all proud of our TYPE A behavior.

But, wait a minute…why do we insist on working too hard when there is a huge potential right in front of us and we fail to see it?

In this podcast episode, Bill and Bryan give you some ideas on how to see what’s in front of you and how to harvest it.

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One Response to You’re Working Too Hard

  1. Miles McKee

    Hi Guys,

    I’ve been listening to your podcast for a few months now and love it.  Please keep updating the Blackberry podcast so I can keep listening!

    During your podcast one of you thought out loud “can relationship building be a learned/taught skill”.  I think this skill can be learned.  I have been in sales my whole career (15 years) but started out as an accidental sales person.  This was not a skill that came naturally to me but over the years I have managed to become very good at relationship building.  I use a variety of means to do this but what I find most effective is sincerity.  Show your customers that you care about them professionally and personally and it will go a long ways to building a strong relationship.

    You also gave me a great idea today in your podcast. All of my customers have their own sales forces.  I am going to email each of the sales managers I know at each customer with a link to your podcast.  Another way to show I care and to also position myself as an expert.

    Thanks for sharing your great advice. Happy selling.

    Miles McKee