Monthly Archives: July 2012

Monthly Archives: July 2012

Behind The Scenes Sales Coaching

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In this episode, Bill and Bryan take you behind the scenes on how they work through coaching with clients. They take an actual client they’re working with, outline the problem and then work through how to coach that person. *This will be useful for sales managers to understand better how to coach your team. But also good for front line people who have these issues. In the first scenario, the discussion centers around how to achieve the feeling of ‘abundance.’ …

Ever Wonder Where You Stand With A Prospect?

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How many times have you been surprised by prospect behavior? You think you’re at Z and you come to find out you’re only at D. Here is a technique that Bill and Bryan give you that helps you know where you are with a prospect. The entire topic starts with a dating story (that’s actually quite funny.) But ends with practical sales advice for where you are in the sales process. Also mentioned in the podcast: Make sure you send …