Monthly Archives: June 2013

Monthly Archives: June 2013

What is Mindset?

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“If you want to change your results, then you MUST change the way you think”   What propels a salesperson to the far right tail of the bell curve? What is the “ONE THING” that the elite know that the good and average don’t? For us the answer has become crystal clear. It’s called “Mindset”. In this week’s podcast, Bryan Neale flies solo and discusses this concept. He also explains the following four “Mindset” shifts: Abundance Detachment Intent Expert Positioning …

Are You Being Influential?

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It seems that we sales people are always on a mission to be influential. That could pertain to how we are with prospects and clients. And, it also relates to ‘how we are’ inside our companies. This podcast is a learning tool that can help you become more influential. Brooke Green and Bill Caskey share some tips on how they’ve seen high performing sales people do just that. Also mentioned in this podcast: Have a question you’d like Bill and …