Tips on Telling Your Story to Prospects

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In this episode, Bill and Bryan talk about their trip to LA to work with their coach, Bo Eason on storytelling and delivering. They concur that most sales people are a bit weak at storytelling. Consequently, they take some of their lessons from their coaching and re-deliver them to you.

Also mentioned in the podcast:

  • Bo Eason – “Realize Your Personal Story Power”
  • If you’re interested in the ‘Bo Eason Experience‘,  you can watch him speak at Pro U.

6 Tips For A Successful Capabilities Presentation

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Recently, Bryan sat in on a capabilities presentation. He couldn’t help but brainstorm ways to make this “dog and pony show” more interesting for the prospect.

In this week’s episode, Bill and Bryan share six tips on how to give an effective capabilities presentation.

Afterwords, Brooke Green answers a question from an Advanced Selling Podcast LinkedIn Group member: What is the best strategy to sell recruitment services (for IT companies) in social networks? What is your opinion?