Episode #322: Creating Value in the Sales Process

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advancedsellinpodcastgraphicbootHow do you create an atmosphere where the customer is selling you instead of the other way around?

Veteran sales trainers Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale dive into an interesting topic from a listener today. Chelsea asked how to provide opportunities for the customer to come to her, and Bill and Bryan were excited to give her a few ideas.

  • Do you truly believe what you’re selling is valuable, and also that each step of the sales process has value?
  • How do you create a meaningful path for your prospect and provide value, regardless of the outcome of the sale?

In this episode of The Advanced Selling Podcast, Bill and Bryan share actionable ideas you can implement immediately if you recognize you aren’t providing value to your customer each step of the way. They’ll help you analyze when you’re the “hunter” and when you become “the hunted,” and how to make the sales process a great experience for you and your prospect.