Digital Resources for Salespeople



You asked. We listened.

You told us you wanted more ways to interact with us and learn how to put our strategies into play. You’ve emailed us, called us and Tweeted us to ask how you can get the resources and materials we use with our corporate clients. You’ve asked us for more. And how can we possibly ignore you?

The Personal Brand Makeover Course

Personal Brand Makeover Course9 Video Module Course which covers:

  • Developing Your Clarity
  • Your Personal Story
  • Never Ending Value
  • Customer Experience
  • Cornerstone Content
  • Clear Communication
  • Graphic Focus
  • Core Purpose
  • Social Strategy

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All In: A Comprehensive Training Solution for Elite Salespeople

All InOur 6-part audio training series to help you focus on:

  • How to Get Your Mind Right
  • How to Craft an Irresistible Story (Find It, Craft It and Share It)
  • Find Your Ideal Client (and know who your ideal client is)
  • Creating an Effective and Repeatable Sales Process
  • 5 Scenarios That Get Salespeople in Trouble
  • Tactics and Mechanics of Elite Salespeople

Resource ToolkitThe ASP Resource Toolkit

We’ve assembled the seven resources we think every salesperson should have into one place. Check it out:

Thinking Kit:

  1. State of Mind Assessment
  2. Personal Code of Conduct
  3. 8 Guiding Principles

Doing Kit:

  1. Sample Sales Agenda
  2. Personal Business Plan
  3. Question Bank
  4. Email It Book (yup, pre-written emails for you to use in every sales situation!)