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Bryan Neale

I’m a trainer, coach and deal-work junkie. I have consulted with B2B sales teams, managers and CEOs for more than 20 years. My clients say I have a knack for helping them design sales strategies that work and have a huge impact on their revenue and goals. I am a veteran trainer and speaker and work with groups of all sizes— small sales teams to big national brands and everything in between. When I’m not talking about sales philopsphy, you can find me on a football field. I’m an official in the National Football League and love training teams about the similarities between sales and football. You can find me at

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Bill Caskey

I’m a sales development leader and experimenter. I have worked with B2B sales groups and executives since 1990. My philosophies and strategies have fueled explosive growth in sales and profits for my clients. I am a professional speaker, trainer and coach and have interacted with thousands of leaders and teams over the course of my career. I’m the author of Same Game New Rules and the creator of the Sales Leadership Academy. I am passionate about sharing my ideas about selling, business, life, money and meaning. Find out more at

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