Monthly Archives: July 2010

Monthly Archives: July 2010

Six Tips For Giving an Effective Presentation

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A week ago Bill received a phone call from one of his clients.  The client was frustrated with a speech that he was planning to present the next day to a group of decision makers.  Bill’s client ask him, “How can I make my presentation stand out?” Bill answers his client’s question in this vignette and provides six helpful tips that can benefit any professional. +1 Share Share Tweet Shares 0

What Are Your Behavioral Tendencies?

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We ask the question because it’s one of many we’re getting more often from sales managers/VPs. What should my sales team be good at? What should their behavior be? What is a good ‘sales personality’? In this podcast, Bill answers some of those questions by referring to the Hogan Assessment, a personality inventory tool we use in our work with high performing sales teams. Bill reviews 5 behavioral tendencies and 2 motives that are essential for sellers today. +1 Share …