Monthly Archives: February 2014

Monthly Archives: February 2014

LinkedIn Question and Answer

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In this episode of the Advanced Selling Podcast, Bill and Bryan once again go to the LinkedIn group to address some frequently asked questions. Some of the topics they cover are the best introductory call techniques, advice for sales newbies, and how to address Linkedin invites (sending and receiving). We have had a lot of great discussion on our LinkedIn group, so if you have anything you would like addressed on the podcast be sure to subscribe to the Advanced …

It’s All About The Hustle

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The topic on this week’s Advanced Selling Podcast is all about “Hustle.” No, not the dance move from the 70’s, it’s the work you put in to your sales. Bryan’s uncle has a quote above his desk that reads “Wealth without work is a sin.” This couldn’t ring any truer. Tune in every week for more great episodes of The Advanced Selling Podcast! If you have any questions you’d like addressed, contact us at the Advanced Selling Podcast LinkedIn Group …